Fantasy Picks of the Week – Post Olympic Mayhem


Well the Olympics were awesome.  Here are a few guys that we thought really stepped up their performance and should of gained confidence from their performances.  Keep an eye on these guys for the remainder of the regular season as we expect they will post admirable numbers.  ( We wont point out the obvious and players who have reached superstar are not included in this post )

Gystav Nyquist – Gystav had the hot hand in Detroit before coming into the Olympics and proved he is a NHL elite with his play in the Olympics.  Not originally thought to be a big time player, he eventually did earn a surprising amount of ice and excelled as one of the teams best.  Expect this trend to continue and don’t expect Detroit to reduce his ice time.  Fellow rookie Thomas Tatar also did not look out of place with the big boys and should also have a good stretch to finish the season.  Nyquist is still the obvious choice for keeper league and single season formats as well.

Michael Granlund – Sometimes i get the feeling i am pointing out the obvious.  If you follow this website you know we think this kid is gold.  He is.  If you are in a keeper league and he is on the wire pick him and keep him.  His play was superb and it should continue for the remainder of the season.

Patrice Bergeron – Well alright, maybe playing beside Crosby has its advantages.  Alright he may not be the best offensive guy in the league.  However he was good and he is a buy cheap option right now.  He should be walking on sunshine right now with that gold metal around his neck, and going back to the familar system in Boston should elevate his play.  Expect him to finish the season with a bang as his slow start was uncharacteristic.  Oh yeah, he is only 28.

Mike Kostka – He played great, so well that even Steve Yezerman took notice and snatched him off waivers.  He has some upside and with a push in the right direction could become a NHL regular.  I wouldnt break the bank for him yet.  However take note of him and snatch him up if he gets hot.

Check in with for updates on how to make your fantasy team winners.  Check out our rankings when evaluating your trade requests, and make sure to keep up with our trending players!


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