New York Islanders – February Fantasy Watch

The Lost Dream

The Lost Dream

Simply put the Olympics were a costly endeavor for the New York Islanders.  The loss of Johnny Tavares all but seals the fate for the team and playoff hopes are essentially unobtainable.  Its going to be a downward spiral for the team and its likely not going to be fun to watch.  Lets Discuss some of the potential train wrecks which are about to commence on the now lonely island.

Kyle Okposo – will be the disappointment he was over the last 3 seasons.  I must admit as a point forecaster i missed this one by a mile.  I had watched him develop and picked him in many a pools before only met with disappointment,  This year Kyle Okposo was on-top of his game and finally looked like the power forward we had projected him to be in years past.   However with the disappointment of not being selected to the american Olympic team even though he maintained a PPG average during his NHL season ONTOP of the loss of quite possibly one of the best 3 of 4 center men in the league will not boast well for the 25 year old.  Confidence has always been an issue for Kyle and we cannot expect the production he has been enjoying to continue.   Abandon ship if he is on your fantasy squad before the regular season starts again.  The news is going to tear this team apart and it will be widely known that these guys are gonna have a tough go at er so sell while you can.

Thomas Vanek…. Wow.  This is unreal, Moulson for this joker.  I know it must be tough to make millions to play hockey, but when you get called to represent your home country as a leader you would imagine that there is a elevated level of play.  Nope.  Turns out Thomas wanted to drink with his fellow Austrians instead, the night before his final game….  Now put him on a power-play without a center and the leading quarterback defencemen on IR… Ouch.  He may be a buy low purchase as he will be moved before the deadline, and he will need to revitalize his career which may be motivation.  In the mean time… Ouch.

On the plus side he will be leaned on heavily to produce and he may get a boost by playing with some younger players.  But i cant see it, Can you?

Frans Neilson – is out –  This normally wouldn’t be huge news but with the loss of Jonathan Tavares it deserves mention.  There are going to be some serious questions down the middle and the management staff might need to make some changes.  Cizikas may get some more time and should be watched cautiously.

Ryan Strome – will be back. Although its tough to say what Garth is going to do next with his young squad you can be sure Ryan will get a second shot.  He learned a lot in his first stint and will be better this time around (which doesn’t say much).  He is a great pick in a keeper league but should be watched closely.  This is a very tough situation, the pressure will be intense for him to produce and will likely be getting second line minutes and possibly top power play time.  If Garth thinks the pressure is too much he could go down at anytime.  The islanders protect their prospects like fat kids protect their Halloween candy.

Lee Anders – should get a shot.     This prospect is relatively unknown and looks great.  He is tearing apart the AHL, and has dominated most leagues he has played in.  Keep an eye on him, if he gets called up he could produce.  He has the size 227 – 6′ and talent.  Given those credentials there is no reason he shouldn’t slide nicely between Vanek and Okposo if things get real desperate on the long island.

Anyway you look at it you need to keep a close eye on these guys.  There will be some options if you have these guys on your team as hopefully other fantasy owners have no idea whats about to happen to this club.  They might be able to string together a few wins but expect these guys to have a chance at the No 1 pick next years draft.  If you want to win this year, Move on.  If you have space, take a shot at one of these young guns.

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